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Why Choose Mediswiss

By partnering with leading factories around the world we manufacture our own branded products to the highest standards. We coordinate for our clients all logistics and freight forwarding solutions to ensure a smooth end-to-end supply chain. Swiss Quality standards are at the core of all our operations.

Logistics and delivery

In times of crisis deliveries can become a matter of life and death. Volumes increase, demands increase, shortages occur, costs go up. In recent months air, sea and rail freight has increased 400%, many deliveries are stuck in warehouses. Product that would normally go by sea freight now needs to be delivered by air making the conundrum worse! Significant pressure is therefore put on logistics capacity burdening the system and causing frustration and negative cycles.

To overcome this MEDISWISS has entered into dedicated charter contracts with air freight companies to provide B777F aircraft with non-stop delivery from our Hong Kong hub to European hubs.
This solution solves the issue of reliability, cost and volume for our Customers, and ensures they get the products they need when they need them.

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